Stuff and Things of Interest

Meet the Nykelharpa

In 2006, a really nice lady came to visit the jam a few times. She hadn't been in Nashville very long, but she had a hankering to pick some Old Time Music and sought us out. Her name is Lisa Horngren, a very fine bass and mandolin player from Wisconsin. On tour recently with Johnny Cash's band, The Tennessee Three, Lisa is a long-time member of the Reedy Buzzards. On her second visit to the jam, she brought along a wonderful find called the Nyckelharpa, an keyed instrument from Sweden that is impossible to describe, other than saying it appears to be a cross between an autoharp and a fiddle. The instrument -- and Lisa's mastery -- are incredible; see and hear for yourself.

Ever seen a real cigar box fiddle?

Susie's mother lived in Central Florida. One day when we were visiting, we took a drive to Cedar Key and stopped in to have a sandwich at a little country store. We were amazed at an item we spotted just a-hanging on the wall. They wouldn't let us touch it but we did get some photos. Check it out...

We're on Candid Camera

We've been captured on video. There's no music on this clip, but here we are, sawin' away at Ron Ault's house, some time in 2003.