Hello from the Pickering home

Hello from Pegram, Tennessee. We have been hosting Old Time fiddle jams in our home since 2001. Kirk (your writer) discovered the joy of playing traditional fiddle music in the year 2000, and began studying it in earnest in 2001. Susie joined the jam in 2004, and we have been together ever since.

We both love old time fiddle tunes. We each have other musical interests as well — Susie plays Bluegrass and traditional folk music in addition to Old Time. She also gives beginner guitar lessons. Kirk has been known to play a Celtic tune or two, and even picks up an electric guitar to rock out on occasion. As you can imagine, there's music at our house much of the time.

The Pegram Jam has had a website up since the beginning of the jam but Susie redesigned it for us and made it a little more user-friendly. She currently works from home as a print and web designer as well as a music teacher. Susie was a professional club musician in her 20's and 30's who turned her attention to traditional folk music twenty years ago. Susie has won more than a dozen first-place awards at regional folksinging contests in recent years and now shares her experience to help other women learn to play by ear. To learn more about her work click here.

When Kirk is not practicing or playing music, he is probably working on computers, experimenting in his electronics lab, or making Morse Code contacts with his ham radio station. Click here to visit some of Kirk's other interests.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using our site as another source for the discovery of Old Time music.