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Inspiring Thoughts for the Artistic Mind

By Jesse Mathison… A new year often marks the beginning of a goal, and for many people it is a time of reflection and commitment: lose weight, learn a new skill, improve yourself. Essentially, it comes down to motivation. Do you care enough to look at yourself honestly, and to commit to improving yourself in whatever way is desired? Oftentimes we find our lives unfulfilled or stale, and we allow a society which places emphasis on the wrong things to affect how we feel about ourselves, which is nonsensical. Continue Reading

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Seattle: The Quirky City

By Lilly Hsu… Headquarters to big name companies Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing… the place where grunge rock groups Nirvana, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam took off… Seattle has a reputation for being on the cutting edge. Lesser known is that the city has a quirky, off-the-wall side with an endearing capacity to find humor in situations without taking itself too seriously. The tour book Insight Guides: Seattle City Guide proudly recounts that the Indian totem pole that sits downtown was stolen from an Alaskan village by the city’s forefathers. More recently, Seattle residents poked fun at a controversial trolley line by giving it a most unflattering nickname. Continue Reading

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