Editing the Artist

Time spent with old photographs is time well spent


By Eleanor Bennett

I hope that everyone reading has had a marvelous holiday period.

Being so tied up all year, it may come as a surprise I am doing a little editing for me as an artist for my own projects. I’ve been doing a lot of illustration and cover work recently so for that I can spend three hours just looking through my archive for the right image to suit a story or magazine cover. As most regular people do, time off is taken around this season and it means if I were attempting to submit work to publishing houses and the like, I know it would be a more difficult task to receive a reply. Nobody likes to dig through a backlog of messages and it is easy to become overlooked.

So while things have slowed in the past two weeks I have been coming to grips with some old work, making new edits. I still have images from three years ago unedited due to the fact that I’d rather not to rush the process in which I make an ordinary snapshot into one of my “pursuits”. Today, for this gallery, I have attached a sample of currently unpublished work I’ve enjoyed editing.







I am very excited for the year 2013; just since the beginning of the year, I have just been published in The Guardian , The TelegraphMetro , Belfast Newsletter and on the Talk Talk official website. I’m already working with a few high profile magazines although I recently just pulled my back out a little by placing a large box of books and magazines in which I am mentioned into storage. In spite of being a bit sore, I have been busy assembling a good amount of framed work  from earlier exhibitions into a collection which I am planning to exhibit locally here and here.

And I finally used some of the money from my work to buy a polarizer and tripod — yes, four years — it has taken that long.

I would be interested to hear what any other artists or authors reading this are planning for the next 12 months 🙂 — I hope you will join me on Facebook and interact with me.


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