Monthly Archives: January 2013

Editing the Artist

By Eleanor Bennett… I hope that everyone reading has had a marvelous holiday period. Being so tied up all year, it may come as a surprise I am doing a little editing for me as an artist for my own projects. I’ve been doing a lot of illustration and cover work recently so for that I can spend three hours just looking through my archive for the right image to suit a story or magazine cover. Continue Reading

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Movies Without Endings

By Lily Hsu… In the final scene of the film Meek’s Cutoff, a group of settlers lost on the Oregon trail, low on food and water come to a crossroad. Will there be much needed water beyond the mountain, or has their Indian guide lead them to an ambush? Unexpectedly, the movie credits start rolling, indicating the film has come to an end. The film’s lack of closure was met with unexpected chuckles from the Belcourt Theatre audience. Continue Reading

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