One Man’s Treasure

There is great beauty in old, sometimes forgotten possessions


By Eleanor Bennett

This month’s article is about a form of recycling by creating art — and in this case photography and auctions.

I love to take pictures in almost any circumstance. I enjoy going to auctions on the viewing days and do photography of the items up for bid.

Often with the public not being allowed to photograph stately homes and such (well, at least the ones local to me), it is a nice change of scenery to go somewhere where almost anything can turn up.

I get obscure requests for illustration, such as “We’d like a pirate chest or a knights helmet.” I don’t often have time to whisk myself away to a museum and with auctions happening often and local, they make a wonderful alternative for me. I like to take the things estimated to be £10 to £20 £30 to £40 and make them into a little work of art, maybe a front cover. Last month I was the featured artist for Diogen Pro Culture magazine. Within the pages, my work taken at Maxwell’s auctions in Cheshire was heavily featured. I had a feature of other images from 2012 too.

I have never been on holiday despite winning a trip in 2010 to go to Trinidad and Tobago on behalf of National Geographic and in 2012 when I won plane tickets to an award ceremony in NYC. I have pets, no passport and neither do my parents. I feel in myself I will one day make up for that heavily by touring either Europe or the United States.

I am very fond of the idea of traveling and documenting America if I am to have a close friend guide me, which is more than likely with the amount of work I am having published in the US. Recently I was mentioned on the ABC morning television show, The Daily Dish. It warms my heart to hear people speaking so positively of my work. Thank you greatly to The Worry And The Wonder team for interviewing me and giving me such a lovely mention. It really helps a young artist such as myself. I hope this small feature has inspired other artists.

There is a big world out there for us, even those unable to travel can reach it in little ways. I hope my ideas have helped and if you have places of interest close to you, take some photography whilst making sure to make it your own. Make sure to get the necessary permissions before filming or taking images in public locations. Find a different angle and distort the vision of your viewers. Try not to make a picture look commonplace; if you are going to photograph antiques and jewelry, try to make the surround believable and genuine.

In my image of the sterling silver charm bracelet, it is surrounded by genuine vintage letters from the early ’80s sent my airmail from my Grandfather in Bordeaux to my Mother in North West England. It was a piece of commissioned work that wasn’t chosen to be published. Even when doing fashion photography or images of tourist locations, add a twist even if only for your eye and the knowledge to be a possession for your memories. In a lot of my photos I leave something that reminds me of a time in me or my family’s life. Images of mine could spell out my early life in clear language if I were to put them in such an order.

Thank you so much; I hope you enjoy reading.

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