Summer Celebration In The British Isles

The face of Britain at play during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee


By Eleanor Bennett

  • Images are from the New Mills Festival 2012, Disley Rose Queen Festival 2012 and Disley Jubilee Celebrations 2012

Taking place last June, the Great British public had a whale of a time in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I found it to be the perfect time to take many portraits of the people who enjoy to celebrate fun in all its forms.

On the day of Jubilee celebrations, everyone was freezing cold yet children of five were still running ′round squealing and laughing. I heard no one complain. On the day of New Mills Festival, after the floats had paraded down the high street, the rain started to pour relentlessly. People on electric rides eating in the rain couldn’t have cared less. I captured many happy smiles through the veil of a downpour.

I enjoy going to events to capture people at their quirkiest and maddest moments. Peoples’ faces are so different and I love the variety in expressions shown. It matters so much when providing cover art to books or magazines. One face is capable of such distortion and range of emotions.

One of the highlights of those days were the expressions children my age and below showed, unhindered and unreserved. One of my favourite images was in low resolution but it depicted of an angry girl glaring at the camera in the rain as her father inspected a small steam engine. I was only trying to inspect the engine myself and capturing her moody face was a happy mistake.

With portraiture, there is still a lot of room to find your creativity. I hate to capture people in any clichéd way and I aim to find the weird.




Photography by Eleanor Bennett



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