Sonnet No.1

Chains that Liberate

By Phil Sparks, July 2002

The season glows as summer’s sun rides high.

Then fall steps in with bright but fading hues.

Next, the dank gray winter sky slides by.

Now spring explodes and light is born anew.

Each fresh stage seduces heart and mind.

As nature’s footlights shift, they rule our moods.

We act new parts and speak each scripted line,

Primeval chants that goad as well as soothe.

Be content that you are not a god.

As nature’s slaves, we bask in painful toil.

Her warming love and biting cold steel rod

Teach us to dance and work her rock-strewn soil.

The capriciousness of nature’s shifting light

Chastens us and gives the soul delight.




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