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Roy Harper

By Jim Hornsby & Brian Buchanan… Roy Harper sums up his life by saying, “I’ve lived a lot in my time,” and it would be difficult to disagree with that assessment. At 87 years of age, he has had – and continues to have – a remarkable variety of experiences and adventures. He is retired from a railroading career, and was once vice-president of a national labor union. He has been a popular performer all his life with over 350 recordings to his credit, and in addition, he has been a generous friend and mentor for many Nashville musicians who needed a helping hand getting started. He is an accomplished visual artist with oil paintings in many prestigious locations, including the Tennessee State Museum. He is called upon regularly to perform at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and in 1986, he was one of a select few who were chosen to represent the Tennessee folk arts at the Smithsonian Festival of American Folk Life in Washington, D.C. Continue Reading

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Sonnet No. 1

Sonnet No.1: Chains that Liberate by Phil Sparks, July 2002… The season glows as summer’s sun rides high.Then fall steps in with bright but fading hues. Continue Reading

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By Jim Hornsby (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)… ‘Twas brimming, and the dipseyed scribes did wox and grabbe the brindled plonk: All gribbly of their fribbled vibes, while gaffled billets tunked. Continue Reading

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