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By Jim Hornsby

Dancing Noodle Magazine celebrates its first anniversary this month. We want to thank everyone who helped make it a successful year, but a special thanks is due our writers. Seventeen writers contributed articles this past year, and it has been a great pleasure to meet so many talented, imaginative people. Writing is hard work and we appreciate their efforts. Without them there would be no magazine.

We have tried to encourage new writers, and attract experienced ones, by offering a diverse forum that allows writers the freedom to experiment with subject matter, and the results have been delightful. The year gave us a fascinating variety of articles that took us from the general store in Celina, Tennessee, to the grand bazaar in Istanbul and from the top of Mount Whitney in California to New York City’s Times Square. We met many remarkable artists, listened to hot jazz from Barcelona, saw historic photographs of musicians on stage at the Ryman Auditorium, and learned about activities as diverse as collecting antique records and curing country ham. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Throughout the year, readers have voted for the articles they liked best, and we are proud to announce that the most popular writers for 2012, as determined by our reader’s poll, are CHARMAINE LANHAM, P.T. GAZELL, DIANE SESLER and BIRGIT HEIN. Each of these fine writers will receive an award for their accomplishment, and on behalf of our readers, we encourage them to keep up the good work.

The most popular article of the year is “A Personal Portrait of Bill Monroe” – and rightly so. Author Charmaine Lanham is a skilled photojournalist whose life has “revolved around music.” She has had special access to musicians and music venues for many years, and we are grateful that she would share her extensive collection of historic photographs with us. In addition to her fine photography, she is an excellent writer and her warm, insightful article about her friend, Bill Monroe, is a pleasure to read. Charmaine is a winner by anyone’s measure.

Runner-up for the most popular article is P.T. Gazell’s “The Gazell Method Harmonicas.” P.T. is a fine writer and Grammy-nominated musician. This excellent piece combines photography with video to describe and demonstrate his abilities and his invention, the half-tone diatonic harmonica.

Diane Sesler and Birgit Hein tied for third place. Diane’s very funny “Whoop-Dee-Doo Holiday Cheer” took us to Christmas dinner at her parent’s house, and Birgit’s “Painting on Leather” is a lovely tour through her methods of painting, illustrated with beautiful photographs of her work. Congratulations to all. These are great articles and understandably well received by our readers.

But all our writers are winners from our point of view and we appreciate all they do. Any articles that didn’t win this year will be available for future voting, and we expect our readership to increase significantly over the next year. New readers could make all the difference in how the articles are received.

Again, thanks and best wishes to everyone who helped make Dancing Noodle Magazine happen. It has been a fun, exciting year, and we look forward to many more.

Susie Coleman, Rebecca Hornsby & Jim Hornsby
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