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Human Trapped Salami

By Diane Sesler… The body isn’t cooperating. The mind is young, but the mirror is rude. Makes me pouty. Temptation is everywhere. Stores are filled with rows of be young again creams. It makes me believe I could shake a rattle again. I can erase time, so I buy the miracle. I already feel better. Continue Reading

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Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery

By Jim Hornsby… Hillsboro Village is home to Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery. Now in its fourth year, it has been written about in numerous publications and described variously as “unique,” “a wonder,” “awesome,” “high-quality,” “innovative,” “humble,” “great,” “quirky,” “clever,” “oft-overlooked,” “creative,” “wonderful,” and “a big deal.” Southern Living Magazine considers it a “don’t miss” attraction for tourists, and the Nashville Scene has voted it the “Best Environmentally Friendly Gallery” because of its solar-powered lighting. It is all these things and more. Continue Reading

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